Lunatic is a small broken game that is made while experimenting with chasing and escaping mechanics and circular layout. It is inspired by the constant cycle of day and night, ancient myths and the playground game of Tag.

The player controls the sun with the joystick provided within the game scene. Sun has to run after and catch the moon in order to trigger an Eclipse. However, during Eclipse, the powers are reversed and the roles change; this time Moon chases Sun, and Sun should run away from Moon. If Sun manages to escape until the Eclipse ends, the darkness lifts, the roles change back to the original, and once again Sun starts chasing Moon, and she tries to escape. When Sun survives an Eclipse, the web-like path grows, and he progresses to the next level.

Currently, there are 3 levels, and there is no end to the game :) I suggest you to stop playing when you realise that the web-like path does not grow after surviving through an Eclipse.


Special thanks to my UAL: LCC MA Games Design tutors, David King and Alan Zucconi.

There is a short doodle story before the game starts; I made it with Doodle Studio 95!.

Most of the visual assets are downloaded from; I tweaked them on Adobe Illustrator and just collaged them for the game.

The background music is Listen to the Color of Your Dreams by Gilman Mom.

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