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A really nicely made game! (The lag is almost unnoticeable on the Mac)

The very good matching sound design, the particle system as well as the whole color palette (and ohhh, the background patterns!) really appealed to me in your fortune-telling simulation of the caffeinated kind! :) That was an original concept, whose implementation I did not expect in this form, to be honest. That's why I recommended your game in our COFFEE JAM compilation article, along with three other jam submissions. <3 And a minute of gameplay can also be seen in the related video. Keep it up! :)

Best wishes,


This so awesome! Great news and thanks a lot for all the nice comments :)

Particle effects always makes fps drop in most games, but don't worry because the idea and how the game works is fun

It lagged a lot for me, but I still liked it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)  - The fortune telling part has a very heavy particle system and unfortunately it is sometimes laggy when played on browser.

Beautiful art style!


Thank you! :) I took most of the assets from this website ( and tweaked them in Illustrator.

The fortune telling part feels a little bit laggy but the game is very nice, i like it! :D


Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it :) There is a very large particle system in the fortunetelling part and unfortunately it is sometimes laggy when played on the browser.

Very nice :D

Thank you for playing :)

Great game !!!

Thank you! :)